Nano-Koloid sp. z o.o is the only European authorized manufacturer of unique nano-colloids licensed Nano Technologies Group, Inc. (USA) in Europe. In Poland, our technology has been known since 2006. Our first authorized manufacturer was Nano-Tech Poland sp. z oo, Since 2009 our company is represented only by Nano-Koloid Sp. z o.o. who has been conducting independent operations in Poland and other European countries.

The company has 20 years of experience in the field of materials physics, electronics and engineering. The company is actively researching new materials and new applications of the patented technology by adapting products to market needs.

Our patented by the EU and the US method of production of nano-colloid is a research group Nano Technologies Group, Inc. led by physicist Maciej Pike-Bieguński, the creator of a unique non-explosive, high-current metal decay method.