ANTIBACTERIAL colloids and anti-fungal COPPER SILVER 

The unique patented platelet structure with optimized and unmatched surface action

The purpose of our products is not only to provide natural remedies to eliminate bacteria and fungi but also give them:

  • optimal form,

  • smallest dose,

  • and most effective concentration.

Nano colloids are a suspension of pure water and unique shape of the nano-particles of silver or copper. Our  company's products are obtained in a physical process. The optimal shape of flat, single-crystalline particles eliminates undesirable chemical hyperactivity, the possibility of poisoning and hyperpigmentation that happen with some competitive products, especially those based on pure ionic colloids. Our products contain the purest silver (99.999) and copper.

  • highest concentrations

  • from 1ppm to 5.000PPM

  • effectiveness

  • optimal surface action

  • exceptional durability

  • effectiveness even after drying

  • characteristics

  • resistance to some acids

  • reduced chemical activity

  • resistance to light

  • high level of purity

The strong antimicrobial nanoparticles result from their shape and structure. As a result of contact with silver or copper nanoparticles bacterial cell  looses its ability to selectively conduct electric signals and loses its vital functions by interfering with the work cytoplasmic membrane and mitochondrial dysfunction and cell nucleus. The bacteria stop to eat and excrete waste products.

Fig. Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538), before and after

Colloidal silver and copper

Long-lasting, efficient and ecological means of a new generation of disease prevention and disinfection of livestock farming industry and meat-food industry

  • Extends antibacterial
  • Safe for the environment
  • Supports other disinfectants
  • Eliminates bacteria even after drying
  • Prevents growth of bacteria:
  •   • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  •   • Staphylococcus aureus
  •   • Escherichia coli
  •   • Enterococcus hirae
  •   • Salmonella and many others
  • adjuvant milking hygiene
  • protects against
  •    • diarrhea
  •    • hoof disease
  •    • limb disease
  •    • mycosis of the skin

It complements washing and disinfecting fixed routes (buildings, equipment, organic waste, drinking system, feeding system and surrounding buildings) and feeding routes (drinking bowls, pans, fans) and social rooms, storage (silos, feed storage areas).