Nano Silver

NANO SILVER household chemistry 

Effect of nano silver:

  • antibacterial,

  • antifungal,

  • antistatic.

Nano silver is an excellent and effective addition to household and industrial disinfectant and cleaning products. It extends the basic cleaning operation, and in contrast to traditional biocides, when dry our formulation creates a long-lasting  antibacterial barrier on the surfaces. Our product is the best on the market in terms of efficiency and adhesion to the surface. Other products based on spherical /odd-shaped particles in the form of powder or colloids do not have a large active surface area, or as much surface to create good adhesion to the surface. The shape and homogeneity of our molecules is what distinguishes the product from competitive products.


Furthermore, using our concentrates, manufacturers do not have to change the rheology of the products since using them will not change the density of the final product but will increase their efficiency.


Our products are in high concentrations and in various liquid forms to customers’ needs.

Many manufacturers claim to have stable colloids of high concentrations, but many of those colloids show clear signs of coagulation, reactivity, and much larger size of particulates than originally claimed.