Important characteristics for metals

▶ SILVER has strong antibacterial properties, it eliminates a broad spectrum of bacteria (Coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, etc.), has a long-term antibacterial effect even after drying. Possesses specific characteristic of its surface allowing it actively affecting and fighting the microorganisms coming into contact with it;  it protects the surface for prolonged periods of time (disinfectants usually operate only at the contact with bacteria). In contrast to other antibacterial chemicals, silver particles attach to the membranes of microorganisms and block their metabolic processes.

▶ COPPER shows antifungal and antibacterial properties, it prevents the accumulation of microorganisms and algae on wet or damp surfaces. It is a human-friendly metal; as a micro-element it is necessary for its proper nutrition.  

▶ PLATINUM as the catalyst plays a key role in the chemical industry. Besides enabling production of gasoline from crude oil and manufacturing of high-octane fuel, it is a catalyst of biological processes used in cosmetology, it also has stimulating properties and combats cancer. The catalysts are important in many industrial chemical reactions and using nanotechnology is the key to achieve platinum in the right form and product at the right price.

▶ GOLD is famous for being rejuvenating and restorative cosmetic ingredient and additive agent as it prevents swelling. There is an ongoing research on the use of gold in medicine, biology, material science and electronics.