1.       BIOLOGICAL
  3.       WATER

Features Nano-Colloid confirm: 

  •  Institute of Physics PAN (structure)
  •  Chemical Analysis Division of the Warsaw University of Technology (composition)
  •  Laboratory Analytical National Mint (composition)
  •  Agricultural University (impact on the development of economic birds)
  •  University of Bialystok, UMCS in Lublin (structure)
  •  Ita-Test (biocidal, dermatological tests, tests Cosmetics)
  •  Laboratory-Enterprise of Public Utilities and Housing in Ryki Sp.z o.o.(biocidal)
  •  Household chemical institute (MSDS, REACH)
  •  International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi – Kenia (studies of parasites)

Summary of the results of research: 

  • Microbiological tests have shown the effectiveness of colloidal silver in the fight against pathogens tested even at a concentration of 5PPM.
  • Microbiological studies have demonstrated the efficacy of copper colloid in combating Candida Albicans already at a concentration of 5PPM.
  • Dermatological studies have shown that all colloids in our range does not cause allergy.
  • Water purity tests have shown that our colloids are performed in clean water that meets the conditions