A summary of the nano-crystallite characteristics (cumulative)

  • mono-crystalline structure,

  • flat structure - platelets, petals - a thickness of 3-5 atom layers (approx. 10 Angstroms), with a regular arrangement of atoms (as in a crystal)

  • predominant structure with a diameter of approx. 35 Angstroms,

  • the largest possible active surface area, amounting to approximately 100m2 with one gram of silver,

  • structure "almost transparent" for the electron transmission microscope (TEM), 

  • free of surface contaminants,

  • huge durability and chemical stability, 

  • easy "adhering" to all surfaces, 

  • little to no reaction to light (no photo effect typical for other silver compounds). 

This innovative technology uses a minimal amount of metal allowing for unique, eco-friendly effectiveness and stability. Resulting from our innovative process is the shape of our

particles that significantly reduces their mass while maintaining optimal active surface. Our

products do not discolor and do not easily undergo chemical reactions. The nano-flakes are a few atoms thick and 5nm wide and are visible only through electron transmission microscopy

method (TEM).

Benefits of using Nano – colloid technology

  • as substrate or independently increases the efficiency and product quality by increasing or preventing the undesired growth of microorganisms , (silver and copper possess antimicrobial properties even when dry ) 
  • our technology opens the way for a new generation of products based on colloidal substances that due to many technological challenges were impossible to achieve; we are currently working with many universities and companies on projects of applications of our products in agriculture, plant protection, veterinary medicine , medicine, material science and electronics,

  • allows for more economical and efficient products (active area of ​​the particles contained in the colloids is the largest compared to the weight ) .

  • Studies confirm the remarkable effectiveness of our nano-colloids in combatting bacteria and microorganisms, and their stabilizing effect on many products. Thanks to their flake shape and minimal weight, there is no risk of metal overdose or poisoning, as compared with metal colloids with spherical or ionic structures. Our research has dealt with a broad spectrum of applications of our colloids in cosmetics, electronics, medicine, surface protection, and veterinary science.

Product Characteristics

▶ are created in fluids (water, oil, alcohol , monomers, etc. ),

▶ contain unique and patented metal particles :

  • Silver Ag ,

  • Copper Cu ,

  • Gold Ag

  • Platinum Pt,

  • Molybdenum Mo,

  • rhodium Rh ,

  • alloys

▶ occur in low and very high yet stable concentrations tested up to 15,000 PPM, enabling companies to ship concentrated colloids without the extensive shipping costs of water or other suspension liquids.